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Someday, I'll Ask You
The Book Series

A Little About Me  

Several years ago, my Mother became very ill.  I took a flight up to Portland to surprise her and see if we could get her out of the hospital.  On my flight up, I began thinking that I really didn't know the woman who spent her life raising myself, my sister and my brother.  I knew she was "Mom", but who WAS she, really?  

This started a series of questions that I wanted to ask her.  Questions like, "What was your Father's occupation?" and "Who were your friends in high school?"  The more questions I wrote, the more I realized I didn't know her as a person, at all.  Parenting can be a thankless job, and that's how I was starting to think she felt.  Un-thanked.  Mom came out of the hospital a week after I left that trip and began some physical therapy that helped her become stronger.  In 2006, I was being courted by Crown Books for this book concept.  I had sent in my rough draft and they liked where it was going. After several months, they decided I was not going to be one of the 20 books they published that year.  The fact that I started in a group of 400, and made it to 21 told me my idea was solid.  

I self-published the book with a company, and after a year, decided to become my own publisher, as well.  So, Cloud Cover Publishing was born in 2008 and I moved "Someday, I'll Ask You - Mothers & Daughters" over to my new company.  In 2010, I published "Someday, I'll Ask You - Fathers & Sons" on my new label.  Things are progressing with the newest book, "Someday, I'll Ask You - Fathers & Daughters" and should be available shortly.

Although we lost Mom on February 13th, 2011, she is with us, always.  I am so, so happy I wrote this book for her and with her encouragement am able to share it with all of you.  It's never too late to find out who your Mother is.  


When you sit down with your family, what are you conversations about?

The book series, "Someday, I'll Ask You" provides conversation starters, gatherers and keepers for those topics that mean the most to you. The books are designed with family in mind.  A series of questions, and pages filled with thoughtful writing and beautiful photography.  This is how family heirlooms are created.


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